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Friday, August 2, 2013


Ya ever hit that point in life where you realize everyone is in this game for themselves? Ya realize no one really gives a crap about ya? Oh yeah, you're gonna tell me that our families care. Well sure they do, to a point. But there is a point where our feelings and events don't matter one bit to others. And ya find out that people you thought you could lean on will drop you in the dust as fast as they can. We are singular beings with our own paths..each one individual as us. We aren't born together and we sure aren't gonna die together, I don't imagine. So, I will just have to suck it up and realize that no one cares about my life, events or feelings. Once I get that down life will be so much easier.

Winner Winner Chicken Nugget Dinner

Conversation with teenage child via text -

Child - "I JUST WON $50"
Parent - "How? Where? Did I leave my wallet at home?'
Child - "On a McDonald's cup"
Child - "We don't know what your wallet looks like."
Parent - "Good"

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Is there such a thing as AMS? As in PMS but after? I just hate the world today and have nothing to blame it on. Maybe I am just coming to the fact that I hate people all the time and tired of faking my caring about their events or lives. Can't wait until I hit 60 and I tell them all to go F* off!

annoying co-worker

Okay, why do co-workers think they can tell me what to do? I think I function fine on my own and did not ask for any advice. But in the last two days I have had two people bark at me about my lack of communicaton with my boss. Ya know what? That is between me and my boss, BUTT OUT! And he seems to appreciate that I don't run to him every day with my issues like a 2 year old. I handle my unit and handle it well. I don't need daddy to hold my hand or tell me how to do something. Just because they need face time and gold stars doesn't mean I do. Leave me the hell alone and go sit on daddy's lap.

NAPW - Not A Pence of Wisdom (in regard to marketing their group)

Received a letter in the mail stating I was "nominated" to become an elite member of the National Association of Professional Women. Now I typically trash these come-ons as I see them for the scam they are. But this held my interest...for about a week. And that was only because I was trying to pad my resume. And the mailing never stated a fee for this club. Wow, could it be? A free membership? Well I eventually pitched it, thinking it couldn't be true, and then regretted it. So I got online and signed up. DUMB MOVE! About a week later I get a call at work from a lady who stated they were "reviewing" my application, as if I had to be approved. So I jumped in the conversation with "I did get a letter a while back saying I was already accepted!" with kid like pride and giddy glee. She then continued with the interrogation digging into my education, my goals and my extracurricular activities. It started to feel invasive. I was embarrassed I didn't belong to 20 other groups outside of work. Then the pitch was thrown.....batter up! "Congratulations! Your accomplishments qualify you to be in the Elite membership." Phew! I was approved. Not sure why I had a sigh of relief but I did. Then the boom was lowered. She stated for all the exposure and seminars and networking the fee was only "nine eighty-nine". Okay..."989" can be taken a number of ways. First my brain processed $9.89, which seemed odd. Most organizations are at least $150/year, so I thought this might be the monthly amount, so I was good with it but said I would need to think about it. And she stated "Oh, is it a financial issue for you?" I replied with "Yes, and I need to speak with others (my husband) about this before going forward". And would you believe it, the price dropped to $789/year? Again, I did not cave and she came back with yet ANOTHER price reduction to $489/year. Really? Wow, that's interesting. So being stubborn like I am, I replied that I would still need to consult others first, and how I found it odd that these dues are not on their website. She went on for minutes in regard to the benefits received for that money. Then she came back with "I will sign you up for a membership reserved for non-profits at $199/year". Gee, didn't know I was that bad off. Suppose my heels were dug in deep at that point and she came back AGAIN with ANOTHER rate of $99/year! So in a somewhat short phone conversation the dues went from $989 to $99. I felt like I was at the Dollar Store! AMAZING! And as I asked her for contact info and how I could think about it and get back with her she quickly shut the conversation down and hung up. who is the "professional" woman???

So I will not give $989, nor $789, nor $489, nor $199, nor $99, not a pence to them. A lot of the training they and others provide is available for FREE at the good old library!

Now NAPW might be a great organization, but they really need to get their act together on dues and how they are recruiting. If the organization is good, they shouldn't have to recruit. Women talk, it's what we do best, word will spread and you won't have to pay people on a phone bank to do it. Word is spreading about NAPW, and it ain't take note if you have ovaries, because they will be looking for you, as you are awesome and newly nominated!

Monday, June 24, 2013


Why do the wrong people leave your life? It's never the ones that annoy the shit out of you, well sometimes it is, but not always. Have a co-worker quitting that was a real bud of mine. We shared a lot of the same events, issues and sense of humor. We got each other. And I felt I could trust him (for the most part, I mean, we aren't all perfect). It's not like we haven't had issues. He got on my nerves as I am sure I did the same. But we were a united front against the stupidity and ridiculousness that prevails in the workplace. We all have to do what we have to do and life is our own to make it what we want and need, and his place is not here, so I will morn the loss of a friend and co-worker and muddle on.

Need a vacation?

So when someone says to you "Sounds like you need a vacation" is that code for 'stop you're bitching you are annoying'? I think it might be. But don't I have the right to have a bad day once and a while? I am the one EVERYONE comes to and dumps their issues on me. I sit and take it with a smile, even offer advice and anecdotes. But every once in a while I suffer from the stress of it all and am grumpy. So sue me. And then go screw yourself!