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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


You ever run into someone that you were close to once but aren't anymore. It is awkward. Do you give them a hug? A kiss? A pat? A punch in the arm? What is appropriate when you aren't really connected any longer. I once thought that there were those people that even after time away you could pick up where you left off. But that doesn't always happen with everyone and you end up with that awkward moment.
So why is it we don't just say "Hey, I get that we aren't close friends anymore and it is okay." We don't say that because we live in a world where people value friendships too much. No one wants to admit we lost one. It's like being unfriended on Facebook and very damaging to ones image. The concept of friends gets shoved down out throats from the sitcoms we watch to the even the stores we shop at. We are told we need friends....and lots of them. Facebook has turned the number of friends you have into a social grade card of sorts and created competition among people. But we all know the majority of our FB friends aren't anyone that would be there for us. Half of them probably don't even know where we live or work now and rely on our FB postings for their information (as if that is factual).

Funny how self reliance, something once treasured many years ago, is not respected and these days we are trained to being dependent saps that can't survive without others.

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