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Friday, February 24, 2012

Jenny Lawson is my hero

Jenny, I know what love is and I love you (stole the first half of the sentence from Forrest Gump, hope you don't mind). And I don't love you in a gay way let's get that straight, cuz you and I are both that, straight. Anyway, I was introduced to your blog,, by a friend (okay so I have one or a few) and she just knew I would love you, and she was right! Boy, does she know me or what? You, like me, say what everyone thinks but are just too scared to say. Pussies. You have more balls and bigger ones than most men I know. You are brave, brash, brazen and beautiful. You have inspired me to blog, of course I am no where near your calibar and never will be. But I look to you for inspiration and encouragement. You go girl!

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