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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pinterest passion

I never thought of myself as having an addictive personality. I don't smoke. I don't drink (much). And I don't have any other habits that could be construed as addictive or habitual...until now. I was clean and sober before I met Pinterest.

And now....I am so passionately addicted to Pinterest it scares me. In case you have been living under a rock or are of the male persuasion, Pinterest is a website where you can create boards to store your favorite things such as recipes you will never make, clothes you can't afford and homes that you will never ever own ( It's fabulous! And yet depressing. It feeds into all our fantasies of ourselves and our not-so-glamorous lives. And it appears to be run and used primarily by females, at least the majority of pinners have a vagina. I base this assumption on the content of Pinterest. It contains recipes, clothing, wedding dresses, jewelry, decorating tips, crafts and many other typically female interest catagories. The only skin on the site is that of fit and buff females used to inspire others to work out and eat right. There are very few cars and no porn that I have seen yet. So yes, I am being sexist by saying it must be a girls only club and I like it that way. It is so nice to have a site where us girls rule! It is a place for us to dream and share our dreams without a spouse saying "You know we can't afford that" or "Are you kidding? You could never wear that!" It is a place for us to dream about having money and a size 6 body.
So I can't stop. I have succumbed to the evil of addiction.....lock me up.....just make sure I have my laptop and internet please.

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