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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Race season begins

Another February and another NASCAR season begins. Every year I tell myself I will be the good wife by  participating, getting interested and educated to share this with my husband. I will pick a favorite driver (based on looks or paint scheme on car of course) so I can enjoy the sport too. But in reality I sit in the office and blog as he lounges in front of the t.v. enjoying his "me time". Why would I want to bust up his party of one? He sounds like he is having fun alone. Would he really want me to crash that (pun intended)? I remember one race last year I sat by his side for 2+ hours watching the cars go around and around. Even he said it was exhausting. So I wonder if this will ever be something I can share with him or will it be something that we don't have to share. Do couples really have to enjoy all hobbies together? It's not like he takes part in my hobbies. Wait...what are my hobbies? Crap, I must get some hobbies.

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