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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sleep is overrated

Please tell me sleep is overrated. Please....I beg you!

I just want to hear it because it seems as if I got none last night...sleep that is...or anything else for that matter for the dirty minds out there. We went to dinner and I had a margarita and the sleepies hit me upon arriving back home. I burrowed in my bed, turned on the electric blanket and next thing I know, I am drooling. Well ya would think that would be the end to an alright day. But my daughter was at a high school tournament and wouldn't return home till around midnight. What sort of loving mother can sleep when her daughter is away?  And now that she is driving I should be worried about her safe return. I have a lot of confidence in her skills and decision making. God spoiled me with my kids and gave two great ones. But, there are all the other fools on the road I should freak out about. But why? So I won't sleep? Does that make any sense? Well once the tequila wore off I was not sleeping well. The eldest arrived home in one piece (thank you Lord!) and I laid in bed realizing I would need to get up at the crack of dawn to iron her clothes. You see, as beautiful, smart and responsible as my eldest is, clothing isn't her strong point. She doesn't see the wrinkles that I do. She doesn't stress over some lint. So as soon as 6:00 a.m. rolls around I knew I would need to drag my butt out of bed to primp her. But hours before that I get to deal with a cat and dog that like to fight on top of my bed in the dark of the night.

Not much you can do to stop a battle of canine vs. feline. They generally get along. But they usually wait until 2:00 a.m. or so to not.

That seems to be the perfect time for them to fight on top of my bed, at least in their eyes. So my attempt to lay horizontal for six or eight hours at a stretch is a ridiculous and preposterous dream of mine. Why do I expect so much? Why am I so greedy? Why would I think that sleep would do me any good in resting from that day's events and preparing for the next? Because we all know sleep is overrated. Right?


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