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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday routine - Jazzys on Parade

Well I hate to think I do anything routinely. To me, that makes me feel so old and boring. But I suppose routines are good. I routinely eat, sleep, shower and go to work. Those are all good routines I guess. But I never wanted to be that mom that makes meatloaf on Mondays and tacos on Tuesdays. I like making and trying new things all the time. I wonder sometimes if I have ADD, but then realize I am too lazy to have that.

For two Sunday mornings in a row I have found myself at Walmart doing the weekly shopping (because organized religion has fallen out of my routine, I will address that issue in another post). And boy, if you want a pick-me-upper, I suppose that is the place to get it. I am NOT a swimwear model, but do feel like one after wondering the aisles of Wally World. And I feel most out of place using my legs as my choice of transport as it seems more than not choose to drive around in the motorized carts. I would hate it if someone who actually NEEDED one showed up, because all the overweight and lazy people are riding around in them. Sure, I am certain all of them are disabled and need them right? But they sure can find their way to the freezer for ice cream at home. Sorry if that is offensive, I just feel deeply about personal responsibility in all areas - including your health, granted there are a FEW that actually have thyroid or other glandular issues, but not all as they would want you to think. Get out of the Jazzy and walk to the Doritos. Walmart has now moved them to the back of the store to help you with your step count today! Thank you Walmart!

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