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Friday, February 24, 2012

Teenage daughters part deux

Okay, so it isn't always frustrating raising daughters. There are many highlights and moments that take your breath away. But sometimes you just have look for them harder. Gone might be the days of a young toddler bringing you a beautiful bouquet of weeds, but instead you might get the joy of receiving a Valentine's Day card that states they would like to put your face in the freezer after you die because they love it so much See? Now that gives you a warm fuzzy right? It sure did for me. That card is a keeper! And so are my kids (for many more reasons than that - tax deductable for one!).

P.S. Credit for the card goes to The Oatmeal of course, see, it is a hoot! But you probably need to have a sick sense of humor like have been warned.

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