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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Teenage daughters

Well I don't get it. I AM that dumb. I just don't understand why I am so annoying to my teenage daughter. Okay, I must realize this as I was a teenager once. But was I this rude to my parents? I suppose I might have been. But losing my mother as a teenager didn't give me the opportunity to see how our relationship would change and grow as I grew out of the terrible teenage years. I do wonder what my relationship would be like with my mother now that I am an adult. Would we be friends? Would she forgive me for being mean and nasty and selfish? I do regret not being nicer knowing now that she would not be around forever. And even though she had a terminal illness and we knew the end was near, we acted as if it wasn't and carried on as usual.

Guess this is why I get so frustrated with trying to communicate with my teenager daughter. I never got the chance to learn how it will all turn out after the teenage years pass. Maybe it feels to me it may never end and that  I won't ever have the joy of a great friendship with my daughter. That worries me a lot.

I tend to disappoint her in countless ways daily. I am so stupid and get dumber every day. UGH! is me stomping away with arms crossed to my room as I roll my eyes and grit my teeth. And I just have no clue where she gets her attitude from! LOL

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