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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Transition from old friends to new unexpected ones

I'm at that time in my life where I don't have any close friends. Of course I consider my husband my best friend but I am talking about girl friends. The ones I thought were close are very distant now. And our relationships began out of convenience. But isn't that how a lot of relationships begin? You meet in a common place like at school, work, daycare, your kids school, or the bus stop. But once those common places change, kids grow, you get a new job, the connection gets tested. I guess it reminds me that the older we get the less friends we need, especially ones that aren't truly there for you for you but there because it was convenient.

Don't get me wrong. I was a friend of convenience too. As time passes, I learn more about myself. And I realize that I am a lazy friend. I am not one to chase after a friendship. I enjoy solitude and sharing the company of my immediate family. I am not one to seek out parties, big events or things involving a large number of participants. I must have gotten my individuality and liking of being alone from my father. He became a pro over the years, and good thing since his wife passed leaving him to deal with his own loneliness for many years.

So, now I think I realize why I have become so excited about has become my new friend that I can spend and waste time with. And when my kids give me crap about spending a lot of time on Pinterest I get my panties in a twist....because it is as if they are coming between me and my new only friend.

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