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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just say no!

If you have children in school let me warn you now. You will be requested/required to give more than you ever thought possible. It's not enough to help with homework, feed and clothe them but you must also assist with room parties and any extra curricular activities. Hope you are willing.

I assembled 120 sandwiches for the cast of the middle school musical. My shoulders still hurt. Funny thing is that after the kids gobbled them up like a bunch of starving piranhas the drama teacher told them to that the moms....note that she said mom"s" as in plural and I was solo. UGH! Recognition is worthless if it isn't heartfelt. The fact that she didn't give me 100% of the credit hurt, because I sure wasn't standing there with a turd in my pocket and it was as if she was clueless to my solo effort. Is this how she treats her students?

The next day an email went out from this fabulous drama teacher requesting more help from the parents. Guess what? I am all tapped out and busy! Good luck with that!

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