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Monday, March 12, 2012

Reality vs. Fantasy

Watching "The Bachelor" and realizing the HUGE gap between reality and fantasy. I watch Ben wine and dine Courtney on the top of a mountain (gag) as I realize my husband let my kids eat raw chicken for dinner while I was at work (it was cooked half way and he never checked it). Can't wait for the puking to start....I figure that will hit around midnight.

I see Ben ski down slopes with Lindzi as I see not skid marks in the toilet but chunks on the back of the seat. And my hubby doesn't even try to deny ownership. He grins as if he is proud he hasn't learned how to use the potty properly.

Okay....after eating lots of veggies for dinner I have a green fog emanating from my ass. And the couch is absorbing it so every time I sit back down it escapes once again. So...guess we are made for each other. Guess true love is knowing that we are human, not a t.v. show,  and accepting that...and pooping and farting is part of it...not wine and a picnic basket on the top of a mountain or skiing down one.

Anyone have any air freshener? How about toilet bowl cleaner? A trash can for the puke that will be arriving at midnight?

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