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Sunday, March 25, 2012


Just another Sunday at Walmart. Jazzies on parade and all the dysfunction I can handle. Heard an argument in the shampoo aisle of an elderly couple. Who knew shampoo evoked such emotion out of folks? But surprisingly it was almost painless until I went to the checkout line. Then I saw my life stop dead in its tracks. The lady two customers ahead was having difficulty with her transaction. UGH...I knew it was too good to be true, blazing through the aisles almost stress free and finding everything on my list.

All I kept hearing is "I'm sorry guys". As I look at who was stuffed in between me and the pain in the ass customer I realize who the "guys" were. At first I thought they were guys...but it was too "females" who looked like they just got off the softball field, seriously. They were as butch as butch can be and had the softball outfits on to prove it along with the sweat...not perspiration. I tried not stare, but I do wonder about that lifestyle. It is apparent, at least to me, the ones that are born that way and these two were meant for each other.

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