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Monday, April 9, 2012

Stiff in the morning

So while I am stiff and a little sore in the a.m. due to age, so is my hubby but not for the same reason. He is stiff and looking for love .... in all the wrong places, which makes him sore. Why is it that guys think morning sex is ever a good idea? First of all, morning breath is a great reason to NOT do the bump and grind with the sun up. Need I say more? Okay...stinky pits...greasy faces and hair are some others. Crusty eyes are not very attractive either, at least not to me. Or the fact that you have to remove your mouth gear prior to speaking or kissing and it is all slimy after residing in your mouth for many hours. And who wants to do the nasty with daylight streaming through the windows and the fricking birds singing?

It just seems unnatural at that time of day. I prefer it in the dark of the night where my hubby cannot see all the extra pounds I may have accumulated during the winter.
Maybe my distaste dates back to an old job where a co-worker was late for work one day. She told our supervisor she had to perform her "wifely duty" before coming to work. Her hair was still in rollers. Think that was my first turn off to morning sex. She was a good wife. She's probably still married.

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