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Saturday, May 19, 2012


So now I get to deal with the process of finding a new worker after my last one stabbed me in the back. Interviews are draining. Most would think, "Seriously? You are on the easy side." But not really. Being the interviewer vs. the interviewee is just as stressful. You worry about getting to know the real person and not just the fake candidate that may come through the door to land the job. Plus if this person ends up being a dummy or drunk it is all on you because you picked them. And trust me....I have had both.

These aren't the best of times in the job market. Two out of three I interviewed were out of permanent work. This does add stress to the interviewee thinking of the family of the candidate or at least a starving cat in an apartment. But I can't let that influence me....can I?

Some of the dumbest answers to my questions consist of "No, I don't have any weaknesses." LIAR! Everyone has weaknesses. Apparently that candidate has a weakness for telling the truth.  NEXT!

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