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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Working with the gifted

It is amazing what a promotion can do to someones head. It swells upon impact of the word "promotion". And this occurs if it is deserved or not. I have witnessed this where I work, and as I may just sound bitter and jealous, trust me I am not. I am many pay grades above them and have nothing to be jealous of. But whatever rainbows that they blow up their asses when they get promoted must stop. It doesn't do them any good to look like a pompous ass.

We all know you are great and God's gift to our company, you don't need to tell us this EVERY day. We don't need a blow by blow of how important you are and how many meetings and calls you were involved in's called work. Where ya not doing this before? Please take your inflated egos and go somewhere else where some fool might be impressed.

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