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Monday, June 24, 2013


Why do the wrong people leave your life? It's never the ones that annoy the shit out of you, well sometimes it is, but not always. Have a co-worker quitting that was a real bud of mine. We shared a lot of the same events, issues and sense of humor. We got each other. And I felt I could trust him (for the most part, I mean, we aren't all perfect). It's not like we haven't had issues. He got on my nerves as I am sure I did the same. But we were a united front against the stupidity and ridiculousness that prevails in the workplace. We all have to do what we have to do and life is our own to make it what we want and need, and his place is not here, so I will morn the loss of a friend and co-worker and muddle on.

Need a vacation?

So when someone says to you "Sounds like you need a vacation" is that code for 'stop you're bitching you are annoying'? I think it might be. But don't I have the right to have a bad day once and a while? I am the one EVERYONE comes to and dumps their issues on me. I sit and take it with a smile, even offer advice and anecdotes. But every once in a while I suffer from the stress of it all and am grumpy. So sue me. And then go screw yourself!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Co-worker chaos

Is it just me or do any of you work with crazy people on a daily basis? Now I don't mean certified or officially crazy, I just mean nuts. Got a co-worker that heard gossip from another (that was TOTALLY unfounded and I said as much) and is now so pissed at me about it, she hasn't spoken or looked at me for weeks! Ridiculous! She is mad at the wrong person. I am the only one that has backed her up on anything and everything that has gone down in this place. And why I have no idea. Very risky move as my own boss told me to stay away from her. But for some reason we connect(ed). Yet she works on destroying that connection every 3 months or so... It's just a shame as our friendship used to make it more fun here. So I will just pass that crazy train up when it comes to town. Not boarding anymore.